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  1. STUDYING THE PROPERTIES OF WOVEN AND NON-WOVEN JUTE FIBRE:In this work, woven and unwoven jute fibre properties were studied. The jute plant was sourced and extracted using the wet retting method. After that, physical, chemical, mechanical properties and

  2. APPRECIATION OF INTERIOR ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS SPECIFICATION OF RETROFITTED RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS AMONG ARCHITECTURE GRADUATES IN NIGERIA:The impact of architectural education and the need for specialized knowledge in building materials and specification in Nigeria are being discussed. The specification process and the reliability of materials are

  3. DECOLORIZATION EFFICIENCY OF ACTIVATED CARBON ON SWEET POTATO BROWN SUGAR SYRUP:Some raw sugars produced are relatively difficult to decolorize by sugar refiners and tend to develop color during storage. The costs of sugar refining increase with the amount of

  4. EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF WATER MELON SEED AS COAGULANT FOR TREATMENT OF EKET AND ONNA RIVER WATER:The use of conventional metal-based coagulant for removal of suspended solid from drinking and waste water is known to have elongated effect on human health. This problem had hitherto lead

  5. DIGESTIBILITY AND PROXIMATE COMPOSITION OF OREOCHROMIS NILOTICUS FED DIETS CONTAINING PROCESSED LEMNA PAUCICOSTATA:This study evaluated the digestibility of processed duckweed based diets and its effect on proximate composition of Oreochromis niloticus. Blanching and sun-drying were employed as the processing methods to reduce

  6. NUMERICALLY OPTIMIZED EFFECT OF PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF BONDED PARTICLE BOARDS PRODUCED FROM WASTE SAWDUST:This study aimed to optimize the production of particle boards from agricultural waste (sawdust). The physical properties studied were Water Absorption (WA), Thickness Swelling (TS) and Linear Expansion (LE). The

  7. CASSON NANOFLUID FLOW OVER A VERTICAL PLATE AND ITS THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES:This paper considered the problem of Casson nanofluid flow over a vertical plate with variable thermal conductivity and the effects of its thermo-physical properties. The governing partial differential equations were

  8. PROXIMATE COMPOSITION, AMINO ACID AND FATTY ACID PROFILE OF AFRICAN RIVER PRAWN:Proximate composition, amino acid and fatty acid profile of

  9. AUTONOMOUS SPRAY SYSTEM FOR AGRICULTURAL UTILIZATION IN NIGERIA :The deployment of crop production equipment is a pertinent part of the surging productivity in Europe and American agriculture. Agricultural chemical utilization is often required at particular periods and locations

  10. REVIEW ON BULK AND INTENSE SWEETINERS: CHEMISTRY AND APPLICATION IN FOOD MANUFACTURE:The paper discourses the result of a literature review to identify alternative sweeteners and their application in food industries. The paper highlights that sweeteners has continued to attract consumers as

  11. PHYTOACCUMULATION OF HEAVY METALS BY TALINUM TRIANGULARE WATER LEAF CULTIVATED IN CHARCOAL PRODUCTION SOIL IN DELTA STATE, NIGERIA.:Phytoremediation, also known as green solution, is an environmentally supportive and cost effective method for removing heavy metals contaminants from an environment. This study investigated the phytoaccumulation of heavy metals

  12. BIOGAS PRODUCTION FROM ANIMAL AND MODIFIED OIL PALM BUNCH WASTES:Increase in prices of cooking gas and the need to keep our environments clean makes research on biogas from wastes very useful. The study was carried out to use

  13. Analysis of Water Quality using physicochemical properties of water samples along River Taraba, Taraba State:Analysis of water quality using physico-chemical properties of water samples collected from River Taraba was carried out between November............................................................................................................

  14. PHYSICOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS AND IODINE ENRICHMENT OF ROCK SALT FROM KEANA LGA:This study deals with the determination of the physicochemical parameters and iodine enrichment of rock salt mined in Keana Local Government of Nasarawa State. Five samples were collected from different

  15. ANTIBIOGRAM COMPARISON OF SALVIA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT AGAINST KLEBSIELLA PNEUMONIAE AND PROTEUS MIRABILIS:Salvia officinalis is a culinary herb of 60-70 cm tall and petiole leaf of 6.0 cm long that belong to the Lamiaceae family and widely cultivated around the world, but

  16. CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS AMONG HIV/AIDS PATIENTS ATTENDING COTTAGE HOSPITAL, MAYO BELWA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Cryptosporidiosis is a diarrheal disease caused by the protozoan parasite Cryptosporidium which affects a wide range of animals and humans. Despite the seemingly ubiquitous nature of cryptosporidiosis, sufficient attention has

  17. COMPARATIVE ASSESSMENT OF ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF UNCONTAMINATED AND NATURALLY CONTAMINATED COASTAL SOIL:This research is an assessment of crude oil pollution on soil. The effect of crude oil pollution on engineering properties of soil was carried out in this research using laboratory

  18. ON THE COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF ESTIMATION PROCEDURES:The linear estimation and the least squares estimation are known estimation procedures. This study tends to investigate the robustness of these procedures. To determine the robustness of linear and

  19. GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY-MASS SPECTROMETRY ANALYSIS OF AQUEOUS FRACTION AND HEAVY METAL CONTENT IN STEM-BARK EXTRACT OF BLIGHIA SAPIDA:The study determined the bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Co, Cr, Cd, Pb, Ni, and Mn) in the ethanol extract of B. sapida and identified the bioactive compounds present in the

  20. EVALUATION OF LEAD ION SORPTION BY NITRIC AND POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE ACTIVATED Cissus populnea STEM CARBON:Activated carbon has proven to be a way out for most heavy metal ions contaminants in water. Evaluation of Pb2+ adsorption was carried out using an activated carbon from Cissus

  21. EFFECT OF ABATTOIR WASTES ON SURFACE AND UNDERGROUND WATER QUALITIES IN YOLA METROPOLIS, ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The impact of abattoir effluent on the quality of surface and underground water in Yola Metropolis was studied. Water samples from Rivers, Wells and Boreholes were tested using standard analytical

  22. THE CHARACTERISTIC PROPERTIES OF SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE (SCC) WITH SAW DUST ASH (SDA) AND MILLET HUSK ASH (MHA) AS CEMENT REPLACEMENT TERNARY BLEND.:The quest to minimize the negative effects associated with the high use of natural resources in cement production used in construction industries has been on the increase for age-old. However,

  23. LARVICIDAL ACTIVITY OF BEAUVERIA BASSIANA AND PAECILOMYCES SPECIE ON CULEX QUINQUEFASCIATUS (SAY) (DIPTERA: CULICIDAE) :Biological control potential of Beauveria bassiana and Paecilomyces species against Culex quinquefasciatus was investigated. The two fungi have been reported to exhibit insecticidal activity against mosquito and other insects. Beauveria

  24. ASSESSMENT OF LEVELS OF PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN BEANS (Vigna unguiculata (L.)Walp.) IN WUKARI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF TARABA STATE:This study investigated the levels of pesticide residues in beans (Vigna unguiculata) in Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba State. Three samples of beans were randomly collected from Wukari township

  25. INTESTINAL HELMINTHASIS IN IDUMUJE-UNOR, ANIOCHA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:This study was undertaken to ascertain the prevalence and risk factors for intestinal helminthiasis in Idumuje-Unor, a rural community in Delta State. Sedimentation technique and formalin Ethyl Acetate Concentration were

  26. PARASITIC CONTAMINATION OF FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS IN EFFURUN, IGBUDU AND AGBARHO MARKETS DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:Fruits and vegetables had been reported to be contaminated with different types of pathogenic organisms. A total of one thousand five hundred (1500) samples, consisting of fruits (750) and vegetable

  27. SIMULATION OF TRUCK PLATOON SYSTEM USING ANYLOGIC SOFTWARE:This paper presents the simulation of the truck platoon system using the Anylogic simulation software. A Platoon is a collection of trucks/vehicles moving together with same average distance in between

  28. AUTOMATION OF USSD-BASED PAYMENT MODEL FOR E-COMMERCE SYSTEMS USING AGILE TECHNIQUE:The way we conduct business has been altered by technology. It has completely changed how financial transactions are conducted, but in the long run, requires certain things like smart gadgets

  29. WATER QUALITY PARAMETERS OF RIVER ETHIOPE IN DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:The study assessed the water quality of River Ethiope at three stations: Umuaja, Abraka and Amukpe, Delta State, Nigeria between November, 2018 and October, 2019 with a view to establishing

  30. QUALITY EVALUATION OF ACHA-BASED BISCUITS INCORPORATED WITH DEFATTED MELON SEED COTYLEDON:The chemical, physical and sensory properties of acha-based biscuit incorporated with defatted melon seed flour were studied. Defatted melon seed flour was substituted into acha flour at 5, 10, 15,

  31. DETERMINATION OF THE DENSITY OF ROCK SAMPLES FROM BENUE TROUGH IN SOUTH EASTERN NIGERIA:The Benue trough in southeastern Nigeria comprises many geologic Formations of different ages. The study area is within latitudes 5°20′N to 6°40′N and longitudes 7°20′E to 8°00′E. It covers towns

  32. EVALUATION OF MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF POLYPROPYLENE – BAMBOO/KENAF FIBER COMPOSITES WITH NANOPARTICLE CALCIUM CARBONATE AND HINDER AMINE LIGHT STABILIZER ADDITIVES:This study investigated mechanical properties (tensile, flexural strength and hardness) of polypropylene composites reinforced with hybrid bamboo-kenaf fiber impregnated with calcium carbonate (CaCO3). In addition to the major components, hinder

  33. CHALLENGES OF NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS MARKETING IN KIRFI, BAUCHI STATE, NIGERIA:NTFPs played significant role in food and medical care; feeds for their domestic animals and materials for local construction such as cutlasses and hoes handles, saplings and thatch for

  34. INTEGRATION OF VERTICAL ELECTRICAL SOUNDING (VES) RESISTIVITY AND VERY LOW FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC (VLF-EM) METHODS IN GROUNDWATER EXPLORATION WITHIN AJAOKUTA AND ENVIRONS, NORTH CENTRAL, NIGERIA:The study involves integrating the geology, electrical resistivity, and electromagnetic methods i.e. Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) and Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic (VLF-EM) respectively, in delineating groundwater potential zones. Geological field

  35. OXIDATIVE STRESS BIOMARKERS AND LIVER FUNCTION PROFILE OF AFRICAN CATFISH JUVENILES TRANSPORTED BY OPENED SYSTEM:This study assessed the effect of transportation on oxidative stress biomarkers (malondialdehyde (MDA), glutathione peroxidase (GPX) and protein (PRO)) and liver function profile (aspartate transaminase (AST) and alanine transaminase (ALT))

  36. THE USE OF UNMANNED ARIEL VEHICLE (UAV) APPLICATIONS TO ENHANCE AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES IN NIGERIA:With the incessant advancement of technology especially the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the cognizance in the use of UAV application has grown significantly for several purposes such

  37. BASELINE SURVEY OF FARMERS’ PERCEPTION, PREFERENCES AND ADOPTION OF IMPROVED CASSAVA (Manihot esculenta) VARIETIES IN OYO STATE, NIGERIA:Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is a major crop in the farming system in Nigeria and it is a main or regular source of income for most rural dwellers. Despite its substantial

  38. PROFILING TREE SPECIES COMPOSITION IN SONKPA FOREST RESERVE WUKARI, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:Profiling tree species composition in Sonkpa forest reserve is very useful in identifying important elements of plant composition and diversity and hence the need for the protection of threatened economic

  39. ON THE MARKOV CHAIN PREDICTION OF ACADEMIC MANPOWER SYSTEM IN PRIVATE UNIVERSITY IN NIGERIA:In this study, we considered a Markovian approach in studying the behavior of the academic staff grade levels transitions in Private University in Nigeria. This is to determine the proportion

  40. ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF BACTERIA ASSOCIATED WITH SELECTED CANNED TOMATOES SOLD IN UTAKO MARKET, ABUJA:The increase in microbial activities in canned food leading to spoilage and poisoning is on the rise and of health concern. Identification of bacteria associated with the increase level of

  41. COMPARATIVE NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT OF TWO VARIETIES OF COCOYAM (COLOCASIA ESCULENTA AND XANTHOSOMA SAGITTIFOLIUM) GROWN IN BAYELSA STATE, NIGERIA:The proximate, mineral composition, vitamins and antinutrient content of two varieties of Cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta and Xanthosoma sagittifolium) grown in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, was investigated using standard analytical methods with

  42. SEASONAL CROP YIELD PREDICTION USING MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUES (A CASE STUDY OF NORTHERN NIGERIA):Significant proportion of crops are damaged in farms by bacterial attack, erosion and lack of knowledge to follow right agricultural practices. This has negative effects on yields to be gotten

  43. PATH LOSS MEASUREMENTS FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION IN SOUTH WEST NIGERIA:Path loss models are a vital component in planning of wireless communication, as they assist in achieving optimal signal levels in deploying mobile communication base stations. This study compared field-measured

  44. SPATIAL STATISTICS OF EPIDEMIC DATA: THE CASE OF DIABETES IN TARABA STATE:In this study, we applied Spatial Binary Logistic Regression Model (SBLRM) to predict the spread of diabetes epidemic infection, identify territories of high risk and determine important demographic and environmental

  45. PROXIMATE, MINERAL AND ANTINUTRIENT COMPOSITION OF AVOCADO (Persea americana) SEEDS AND PEELS:The proximate, mineral and anti-nutrient analysis of Avocado (Persea americana) peels and seeds were determined. The proximate composition, mineral and the anti-nutrients were determined by the AOAC (2005). The results

  46. DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION OF A MULTI-INPUT FUZZY LOGIC CONTROLLER FOR CONTROL OF DC MOTOR SPEED BASED ON AMBIENT TEMPERATURE:The use of automatic control in the operation of engineering systems based on specified criteria should reduce the need for operator intervention, which will be extremely beneficial for the smooth

  47. A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF STOCK SERIES PREDICTION OF APPLE AND GOOGLE DATASETS USING DEEP LEARNING:A Comparative Analysis of Stock Series Prediction using Deep Learning" is a research journal that focuses on the application of deep learning techniques to predict stock market trends. The work

  48. ASSESSMENT OF HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATION OF STREET VENDED FOODSTUFFS IN MAKURDI:There may exist some health concerns associated with the consumption of street vended foods due to contamination by heavy metals. Roadside dust and vehicular emissions have been reported to

  49. ASSESSMENT OF DIFFERENT RATES OF POULTRY MANURE APPLICATION ON SOIL PROPERTIES, GROWTH AND YIELD OF MAIZE IN WUKARI, TARABA STATE:Field experiments were conducted to assess the influence of different rates of poultry manure on

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